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With beats full of 808's and bass at a tempo that almost put you in a trance and melodies as soothing as meditation, RINI's 2018 released EP "After the Sun" features reminiscent lyrics in songs like "Meet me in Amsterdam" where he talks about rekindling his relationship back in... Amsterdam. His almost lullaby-like vocals on this EP create an easy listening experience and definitely sets the mood. RINI himself is originally from SE Melbourne, AU but now resides in Los Angeles. Being known in a lot of other countries RINI has picked up a couple festival dates including The "hefty" Java Jazz Festivial in Southern Indonesia which is a big deal for an artist the size of RINI. His goal with his big move is to captivate the North and South American audiences so that he can increase his fanbase and tell more of the stories the fans can relate to but haven't heard in such a style or manner before.

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