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MAgenta - Mynd

January of this year, artist MYND released her first EP titled Magenta. This body of work is filled with soothing vocals and relaxing beats. Her sound and words of anticipation, love, and the yearning for appreciation reminds me of some songs by HER, but are also mesmerizing like music from Jhené Aiko. I first found out about MYND when SoundCloud recommended her single 'Ready' and I instantly added it to my likes. From then on, I've been intrigued by her beautiful vocals and sound in general. Tone wise I'd say MAYBE is my favorite track, but lyrically GOOD DAY takes the cake. No matter what draws you in, you'll enjoy this dope four track EP!

Link to Magenta: https://soundcloud.com/user-4902799/sets/magenta-mynd

Be sure to check out READY too!: https://soundcloud.com/user-4902799/ready-mynd

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